Friday, August 10, 2012


Here we go again, more family to introduce.  This time, I would like you all to meet my older sister, Nikki.  My sister happens to be a fashionable person.  You know the type; she can wear blue jeans and a t-shirt and look great.  Me….not so much!

Nikki has her favorite colors, although she looks good in just about any color.  Me….not so much!  I wear a lot of black and white, or navy and white.  Nikki does too.  Again, she looks great.  Me…..not so much!

Now, I don’t say these things because she always impressing me.  Big sisters often have their younger sisters look to them in awe.  Well, at least I did and still do.

Nikki could sing, and boy, could she dance…and still can.  Me….not so much.  I cannot keep a beat in my head so that ruins any chances of being able to dance.  Dancing for me is a spectator sport.  As for singing, just be glad you are not sitting near me in church.

I often think of the scene in the movie White Christmas where Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen do that song Sisters.  Since I don’t sing or dance we will never be doing that scene for anyone.  Nikki could pull off her side.  Me….not so much!

Nikki has never been one to have long conversations, and we have different interest.  I am the quiet sit in the corner and read type so unless she wants a book report from me we just talk family. 

I am sure you all are aware that family is extremely important to me.  We chat and I catch up on all sorts of happenings with Nikki, her husband, and her daughter and her family.  Then we talk about anything that is happening in our brother’s lives.  Well, if we have heard from them recently.

After we talk about each other, then we check on any news from our cousins.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to see my cousins very often living in Durham, almost “500 miles away from home”.  Hey, that sounds like a song I remember.

Okay, now that you know her a bit and about our relationship, I can tell you a story.  It’s her time to be in my blog instead of her suggesting what stories I should tell of other family members.

If you have kept up with my blogs, you know the person my Dad was during his life.  Dad had a soft spot for sales.  If he could find a good one, he would buy it, needed or not.  Mom was somewhat flabbergasted with the sale items he would find.  She told him, just because it is on sale, doesn’t make it a bargain.  If you don’t use the item, it is not a good sale.

Nikki was on the receiving end of one of Dad’s sale finds.  As a little girl, she liked the color red.  Well, Dad knew she loved the color red and he happened to come across a sale of dresses in her size.  Therefore, he bought her seven red dresses.  He bought every dress in her size that was in red.  There were some variations in style, but they were all red.

Who buys seven red dresses in the same size for a growing child?  I still wonder if Nikki ever had the chance to wear all seven before outgrowing the size.  We went to a parochial school, so that meant uniforms, no chance there to wear her newly acquired wardrobe.

To this day, this is one of our family gathering stories.  Of course, Nikki and I are the only ones who actually experienced this particular event.  We are the oldest of the siblings.  I still have an inward giggle when I see her in anything red.  I can’t help but think back to the seven red dresses.

I am not sure how she will appreciate me sharing this with you; but I figured since she likes to give me suggestions on stories for this blog, I thought it only fair that I share one about her.  I love it!  Nikki….probably not so much!


  1. What a great story sounds so much like my brother and I. My brother smart in school me not so much..musically inclined, me not so much..haha..but I am sure she will love this story and is so proud of your writing. Thank you for the smile today.
    Love and hugs,

  2. It is good to meet you, Jan. Fine work on the blog. Best wishes for success in all your writing endeavors.

  3. That's a fun story. Sisters are great! Hope you are doing well, Jan!

  4. Sisters are certainly a crazy, wonderful relationship. Thanks for sharing this great story.

  5. Jan, great sisters story, loved the readdresses and of course, that mention of Rosemary C and Vera E in one of my favorite movies!

  6. What a great story! I think it would make a title for a movie, Seven Red Dresses. Hmm. I'd go see it!