Monday, February 13, 2012

Me and my Pens!

Do you buy quality pens?  Or has the world of texting and instant messages taken over your need for a beautifully crafted writing instrument?

I remember learning cursive writing.  I had a wonderful third grade teacher, by the name of Mrs. Link, who taught us to release our death grip on our pens.  To reinforce this she would walk up and down the aisle, and snatch a pen from our hand as we practiced our continual loops, circles and slanted lines.  If the pen did not release easily, she would stay at our desk and help us until we became comfortable with the process.  I remember Mrs. Link’s words of encouragement over five decades later.  It was her encouragement that probably brought the love of the written word to me.

Writing became an even bigger joy as I found quality pens.  I wanted a Cross pen for so long, and now have several; but a more recent love has been with the Waterman line.  It is so nice to find a pen that fits your hand, and feels like an extension of your being as you write.  Some people like a heavy pen, or a slim pen or maybe a roller ball over a ball point.

Now this may sound odd, but I believe that my appreciation of the written word also brought me to my love of reading.  I can remember in grade school reading every Nancy Drew mystery in the school library.   Soon I was reading everything I could find.  I was a voracious reader, which made me wonder; could I write stories instead of just writing in my journal or writing research projects in school? 
My first manuscript was written by hand.   That satisfied two things, the use of a great writing instrument and I actually wrote out a full length story.    

I must admit now, I rely on the computer to rewrite and update the story I wrote long ago.  However, I do so in a script font, and convert to Times New Roman before submitting any writings to whomever will read and judge my work.
When I started a job at a bank, I was given two pens.  Here I am over four decades later, and I still have those pens.  They were long and skinny and made of plastic.  I have changed refills in the pens many times over the years.  Would you believe after all the use those pens have been provided, they have actually molded to my hand.  This molding has made them a perfect fit for my hand.

I hope young and old alike will have the opportunity to find that perfect pen for them, and enjoy the written word as I do.


  1. I love to write. And I LOVE Nancy Drew. They were my first books, too! I read them all. Then I read them again. Then . . . you get the picture . . . Writing gets inside of you. And never lets go! I have my favourite pens. They have evolved over the years. I like the fluid roller-balls now. Smooth. But I do 99% of my writing on the old computer. Go figure . . .

  2. I have always had a love of fountain pens because they are easier for me to write legibly with than ball point pens--at least that was true until the gel rollers came out and now, I confess, I'm hooked. No more ink stains on my fingers or clothes.

    Interesting that you want to write books by hand. Some who are interested in manifesting believe that there is a power of creative frequency obtainable only by words written by hand. And a girlfriend who teaches creative writing and writes whatever that genre is for "sex books" does all her writing by hand--even during NaNoWriMo!